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Ira Khan Discloses She ‘Felt Like Crap’ At Cousin’s Wedding; Shares How To Cope With Mental Health Issues

Lately, Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has been in the spotlight for dropping truth bombs on mental health issues.

A day ago, Ira took to Instagram to share with her followers how she really felt about attending her cousin, Zayn Marie Khan’s marriage to Abhishek Saha.

Ira certainly looked like all smiles in the pictures but she assures people that it wasn’t how she really felt and that it’s okay to not be your happiest.

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Ira says, I can be seen smiling in all the wedding photos… but I hit a burn out. And I didn’t have enough time to deal with my burn out. So, I would work and work and work, come home and cry and then wake up and rush to work.”

I wanted to be part of the wedding. I didn’t want to just be in bed and cry. But I slept a lot. Feel bad for not being as involved as I wanted to be… I can be happy for their wedding and still feel like absolute crap. I am okay but I’m also crying a lot,” Ira continues saying she felt like absolute crap for not being as involved.

Ira Khan has always been one to spread positivity about coping with mental health issues and we can only hope she continues doing the same.

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