Amazon Prime Video’s Shakuntala Devi Review: The Math Devi We Need

Directed by: Anu Menon
Run Time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Ratings: 4/5
Cast: Vidya Balan, Sanya Malhotra, Jisshu Sengupta

Vidya Balan’s talents age superbly well as the actress delivers a ‘worth the wait’ performance. Shakuntala Devi was a woman who made the world around her so much more fun than it is. Balancing between family, society and mathematics, the math genius was portrayed in the best fashion.

Directed by Anu Menon, this film was finessed by an all-woman crew and has taken women empowerment to another height (or… the third floor). From portraying Shakuntala ji’s family scenario to her relationship with her own daughter, the movie has exceptionally showcased both, the good and the bad.

A mother to Anu and a lover to Math!

From having a mother to being one, Shakuntala Devi’s motherly journey has been portrayed in an intense manner and we can’t get over Vidya Balan’s acting. Demonstrating the emotions that come from being a mother, Vidya manages to capture the essence of the feeling and the longingness of the mother-daughter bond. Shakuntala Devi, as much as she wanted to become a mother, wanted her success growing with her daughter, Anupama.

Shakuntala’s dedication to both her daughter and mathematics is commendable. Not giving up on her profession, this genius came to be known as the woman in ‘chotis’ who changed the world!

Men will be men

Shakuntala Devi’s relationships play a key factor in how the movie includes the theme of women empowerment. Before meeting her husband, she faced a string of relationships that broke down as she was either too successful or that she was independent.

Finally, upon meeting her then-future husband, Shakuntala finds a way to finally settle down. Even with major ups and downs, their relationship is portrayed as an important factor that shaped up Shakuntala’s return to stage life.

Success, fame and everything in between

Shakuntala Devi’s life, being all flowers and sweets, had not always been that way. The transfer of an entire phase from being the daughter of an unemployed trapeze artist and magician to a world-famous mathematician was portrayed exceptionally. Having been exposed to the stage life from a very young age, Shakuntala’s character was always the light that sparked up a room. Being confident, sassy and spicy at the same time, she reached the peak of her success with those traits.

Acting ho toh aisi!

Vidya Balan is nothing but perfection while she portrays Shakuntala Devi’s character. Her poise, attitude and gorgeous smile makes her the centre of attention and she plays justice to the role. When it comes to feeling a character, the movie is sure to put you in a fixated trance as you can’t stop focussing on the dramatic yet relatable tone at every scene.

Sanya Malhotra portrays Anupama Banerji, the daughter or Shakuntala Devi, who is portrayed as a genius just like her mother minus the love for math. Having a globally recognised mother took a toll on her, again, another beautifully portrayed scenario. The movie has been narrated in her perspective and Sanya Malhotra justifies every single scene with her incredible acting skills. Each emotion, be it struggle or happiness, could be felt which makes the story only better.

Hit or Miss?

Shakuntala Devi is officially a major hit and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on what we think is one of Vidya Balan’s finest roles!

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