Javed Akhtar Doesn’t Believe Bollywood Actors Are Drug Addicts; ‘Charas and Ganja smoking not such a big issue that it needs India’s top agencies’

With high profile actresses like Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor under NCB scanner, Bollywood Drugs Probe has been intensified.

However, Veteran Lyricist Javed Akhtar has defended Bollywood actors amid drug row, saying he doesn’t believe reports of alleged drug abuse as stars today are fitness-obsessed. 

In an interview with journalist Barkha Dutt, Javed Akhtar opened up saying that unlike yesteryear actors, today’s stars are more disciplined and obsessed with physical fitness. He questioned – do they look like drug addicts?

 “I have never used any drug in my life. Although, I was not a very disciplined young man and I used to drink a lot. I don’t believe in those reports but look at their health, their physique, their physical fitness. These boys and girls, unlike the stars of yesteryear who were not obsessed by their physical fitness, which this generation is. In fact, they spend two to three hours in the gym. Do they look like drug addicts? They are extremely professional and responsible people. Today, the film industry is much more disciplined and responsible than it ever was.”

Aktar also said – “Charas and Ganja smoking are not such a big issue that it needs India’s top agencies.”

Mentioning that he had battled alcoholism in the past, he discouraged any addiction but still questioned whether this was India’s most pressing topic.

“I’d discourage any addiction but is this India’s most important topic?” 

A few days back he had taken a dig at news channels over the coverage of Bollywood drug probe vs farmer’s protests.

Javed Akhtar Takes Dig at Media, Says 'If Karan Johar Had Invited Some  Farmers Too for His Party...'

Explaining his tweet, he told Barkha –“I’m not an expert on agriculture or economy. Certain channels can educate people like me who don’t understand these things but they did not hold up their responsibility.” 

“Start an entertainment channel.. don’t pretend you’re a news channel. But if you are saying that you are a news channel and are concerned about national problems then show these (farmer) issues.”   

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