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“Karan being vilified is unnecessary”- Swara Bhasker on blaming Karan for nepotism

Swara Bhasker has already taken the internet by storm with the latest video of her questioning filmmaker Karan Johar on whether or not nepotism is widely practiced in the industry. While the concept of nepotism has sparked outrage within the Bollywood sphere, Swara Bhasker thinks Karan Johar is being unnecessarily vilified.

“We should have difficult conversations but there is a civilised way to do it. Right now, things are being said, and people are being blamed but Karan being vilified is unnecessary. I don’t think Karan, Alia (Bhatt), Sonam (Kapoor) had anything to do with what happened with Sushant’s career. It’s not a fair accusation.

In the video, one can see that Karan is accepting that he might have chosen people who were right in front of him and things should change. I would like to give him credit for engaging with the issue. But the way things have happened was quite sad. It’s disgusting that Sushant’s death is being used for ulterior motives by some people. We must give Sushant dignity in his death and celebrate his life. He was a tremendous artiste.”

Swara also feels that the main topic at hand is mental health and that is what should be discussed primarily. It isn’t a petty issue, Bhasker thinks it should be the main focus of talk.

“One shouldn’t trivialise it by saying, people get depressed because they weren’t invited for a party or because someone gave a stupid answer about their on a chat show. If that is your understanding, then you don’t know what depression is.”

Source: Hindustan Times

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