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Which Bollywood Tinder Profile Would You Swipe Right?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favourite Bollywood characters would be on Tinder? Or what if you actually had a chance to choose whom you would swipe right?

Well, this is the perfect chance for you! Check out which Bollywood character you’d like to go on a cute lil’ date with! Let us know in the comments below who you pick as your favourite choice.

1. Pooja Sharma

Poo, 21
7 km away

You’re never gonna get a PHAT girl like me! What’s the best part about me? Let’s see… good looks, good looks and good looks. If you want me to go out with you, you better look equally good. 

I hate sweets but I looooooove Laddoo. 

Only gonna swipe right if you have good muscles and a brain. 

2. Murad Ahmed

Murad, 20
19 km away

The name’s Murad lekin hu toh mai aap sab ka Gully Boy. Rap pasand hai toh hi swipe right karna. I love music, travelling and of course… the stage. 

I’m a good listener… I always have earphones on listening to music. ;P

3. Nikhil Mathur

Hunter, 28
3 km away 

I’m just a Desi Boy trying to make the best of life. I live in London but I keep travelling to India. I’ll gladly be the Hulk to your Betty Ross. Swipe right only if you’re in for wild DJ nights and random dancing. 

I love long drives and I’m just looking for some good ole fun. 

4. Krishna Mehra

Krrish, 25
12 km away 

I can be the superhero you want me to be. I love eating, flying (literally), and I’d fight off any bad guy for you. I want to travel all around the world and visit places. If you swipe right, I’ll let you know a few secrets of mine. 😉

If you’re in for fun and action, hit me up!

5. Om Prakash Makhija

Omi, 24 
20 km away

Acting aur drama bohot pasand hai yaar. I’m an actor and I’d love to take you out to my movies some day. I always say, hamari filmo ki tarah, hamari zindagi me bhi end tak sab thik hi ho jaata hai… happies ending.

If you swipe right, trust me, you’ll never get bored. After all, dekho toh sahi, picture abhi baaki hai!

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