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Mumbai Police Provides Rhea Chakraborty and Family Protection on CBI’s request

Yesterday, Rhea Chakraborty was interrogated by the CBI for 10 hours but was summoned again today by them as they were apparently not completely convinced by her statements.

Post yesterday’s interrogation, however, Chakraborty filed a complaint against few media channels and paparazzi for harassing her and her family.

In an India Today report, Rhea apparently was bombarded by the media and paparazzi as she reached home which is what made her take a u-turn to the Santacruz police station. Chakraborty launched an official complaint regarding the harassment that she and her family are facing. Apparently, there were a few media personnel who tried to enter her house as well to harass her father.

The Mumbai Police, later on, did provide protection to the actress and her family and helped her reach home safely.

The CBI also wrote to the Mumbai Police officials to provide Rhea and her family with security after which police officers were deployed to protect them. The CBI has again summoned Rhea for questioning at the DRDO facility.

On August 27, Rhea’s father Indrajit Chakraborty had gone to Santacruz police station, requesting for protection like Rhea and her brother who did the same yesterday.

According to the India Today report, after CBI’s intervention, the Mumbai Police officials will be present with Rhea all the way to the DRDO facility and back. In the CBI letter to the Mumbai Police, the former mentioned that Rhea’s trip to the DRDO facility for questioning had become troublesome with the media constantly harassing her for which she needs security.

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