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Official Video Out: Jasleen Royal ft. Ranveer Allahbadia’s song Sang Rahiyo

Jasleen Royal’s new track, Sang Rahiyo, featuring Ranveer Allahbadia premiered on September 10th and has already crossed 2 million views.

Sang Rahiyo is about how love always finds its way back home, as long as we have the courage to love.

This song is of hope in little gestures of love, it is one of those that makes us sit on our window sills with a hot brew of coffee and watch the rain pour down the sky till the stars come up, and you play it back again. Simply put, the video reflects the every day (minor) turbulence that a relationship is faced with, these are not necessarily conflicts, but mild moments of faux pas. A burnt dish, leaving the clothes in the drier for too long, or forgetting a phone call, little moments of faux pas that allude us daily, in turn they also become the necessary triggers for a jovial reconciliation, this is our play ground.

The song looks to make a beautiful urban romance with hints of fantasy, the seconds of outbursts, the seconds of laughter, the anxiety of separation, all to be dealt with an outlook that is embracing of life.

The song portrays a young couple is faced with the eventuality of a long-distance relationship, they grasp at this new reality &
overcoming the challenges it brings
, they try and make each day a special one for the other. As the longing wades in, the guy pulls out a surprise visit that provides the crescendo to the emotions of our story.

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