SSR Family Lawyer Writes To CBI Director Objecting to AIIMS Report; Wants Another Forensic Team

AIIMS submitted their conclusive report to CBI, ruling out murder in SSR Case. The report also dimissed claims of  ‘poisoning’ and ‘strangling’. 

However, Sushant’s family is not pleased with the report. Their lawyer Vikas Singh has now written to CBI director, raising objections against the report and requesting for another forensic team.

Sushant Singh Rajput Had No Life Insurance Policy, Says Actor's Family  Lawyer Vikas Singh
SSR Family Lawyer writes Letter to CBI Director

As reported by ANI, Vikas Singh’s letter to CBI Director, raises objections over forensic examination report submitted by AIIMS to CBI and calling it faulty. 

The letter reads, “Matter needs to be referred to another forensic team to be constituted by CBI.”

Meanwhile, as per News18, a CBI source said that the investigation into Sushant’s death is still continuing and all the aspects are being looked into “meticulously”. “As per the demand of the investigation, either a team or a set of officers visit Mumbai at regular intervals, besides the agency officers from the Mumbai branch present there,” the source added.

Check out the full letter of Vikas Singh here:

“I have been reading in the media about the report submitted by AIIMS to
CBI with regard to the opinion expressed by CBI in the matter of the death
of Sushant Singh Rajput on the 14 June, 2020. I have also seen some doctors who were part of the AIIMS Team come on TV and make statements with regard to the forensic examination done by the team.

In spite of our repeated efforts to get a copy of the Report, there has been no
response by Dr. Sudhir Gupta and I am accordingly writing this letter on the
premise that the news report regarding the AIMS opinion is correct. The
leaked report, if correct, amounts to drawing a biased and boastful
conclusion from insufficient evidence. My objections to the said AIIMS
report are as under:

1. AIIMS was not doing a post-mortem report but was only to express
its opinion with regard to the post-mortem report done by the Cooper
Hospital as AIIMS did not have the privilege of examining the body
of Sushant Singh Rajput and thus forming a firsthand opinion about
the cause of death.

2. Dr. Sudhir Gupta have been giving media interviews about the
sensitive case right from the day one, questioning the Doctors of
Cooper Hospital for dubious autopsy and Maharashtra Police for
hurried post-mortem and contamination and non-preservation of
scene of crime.

3. There were several infirmities in the post-mortem report done at the
Cooper Hospital. Instances of some of the infirmities are as under:

a. The post-mortem was done at night without there being any order
of the Magistrate to do such post-mortem at night.

b. The protocol which is necessary to be observed in such post-
mortems was not followed as opined by several experts of
forensic departments from al] over the world.

c. The videography of the post-mortem was not done.

d. Sufficient viscera was not retained for future examination.

e. The time of the death was not mentioned in the post-mortem

f. The injuries on the body were not specified and thus there was no
opinion expressed of the cause of such injuries.

g. The leg which was fractured was not mentioned in the report.

h. There were several other infirmities which could be pointed out
by a genuine forensic examination but somehow the same have
been left out by the AIIMS team as expressed by one of the
doctors in his interview telecast by a TV channel.

4.Recently, Dr. Sudhir Gupta has got selectively leaked to a couple of
media houses incriminating content of the report submitted to CBI,
irresponsibly commenting that the death of Sushant Singh Rajpaut is
“conclusively” a case of suicide and there is no foul play. Clearly the
said leak is aimed at creating doubts in the mind of peopic, bailing
oul agencies who have not done their job as per rules and standard
protocols, benefitting the culprits and derailing the course of ongoing

5. The conduct of Dr. Sudhir Gupta is unethical, unprofessional, in
contravention of government service conduct rules and MCI
guidelines. This criminal misadventure on his part has undermined
public trust in a premier institution like AIIMS. It has created doubts
in the minds of millions of people about the fairness of investigation.

I personally feel that the forensic team of AIIMS for whatever reason has
not given a categorical opinion on the flaws of the post-mortem done at the
Cooper Hospital and have given a report which they were not supposed to do as they were only to give their opinion on the manner in which the post-
mortem had been done by the Cooper Hospital and whether a different
opinion could be formed on the basis of the materials which have been made
available to the AIIMS team or whether there was insufficient material for
the AIIMS team to take a definitive opinion on the cause of death due to the
lacunac in the original post-mortem done by the Cooper Hospital.

I am accordingly of the firm opinion that this matter needs to be referred to
another forensic team to be constituted by CBI by picking up some of the
best names in the field from different hospital so that a fair and proper
assessment takes place with regard to the comments of the post-mortem
done by the Cooper Hospital and also whether the cause of death can be
specified on the basis of the material available with the CBI. The AIIMS
report, if at all, could have only specified the cause of death i.e. by hanging
and could not have gone to say that it is a case of suicide because that is
something which only the CBI can decide after a complete investigation in
the matter. CBI may also inquire into the circumstances that has led Dr.
Sudhir Gupta indulge in such unprofessional conduct that threatens to
jeopardise the course of investigation and help wrong-doers escape the
clutches of law. It is requested only such medical report that is true appraisal
of available evidence is relied on and not the present one that patently seems
to be a fictional concoction to help out culprits.”

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