Tanishq Ad: Kangana Ranaut Says It Promotes ‘Love-jihad’, Swara Bhasker, Richa Chadha, Divya Dutta Express Disappointment

After being viciously trolled online, Jewellery brand Tanishq pulled its ad for Ekatvam (Oneness) jewellery line.

Based on an inter-faith couple, the ad showed a baby shower being organised for the Hindu bride by her Muslim in-laws. Celebs had a mixed reaction to its withdrawal.

हिंदू लड़की को मुस्लिम बहू दिखाने पर भड़कीं कंगना, कहा- इन क्रिएटिव  टेररिस्टों से सतर्क रहो | Kangana Ranaut Angry On Tanishq Ad Controversy KPG
Kangana slams ad’ alleges ‘Love-jihad’

Actress Kangana Ranaut slammed the ad, alleging it promoted ‘love-jihad’ and sexism. She further went on to say – ‘As Hindus we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting in to our subconscious’!

On the other hand, Divya Dutta who lent her voice to the ad, was saddened by its withdrawal, and questioned – ‘Don’t we all promote brotherhood?‘. She also commented on how we all learn about Unity in Diversity since childhood.

Divya Dutta reacts to Tanishq Hindu-Muslim wedding ad being taken down -  Movies News
Don’t we all promote brotherhood?? We as India are all about that

Fukrey actress Richa Chadha also found the ad ‘beautiful’.

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Swara Bhasker disappointed at Tanishq for pulling down the ad

Swara Bhasker criticized Tanishq for bowing down to the trolling. “Such a massive company, such a fragile spine,” wrote the actor. 

Shashi Tharoor says Congress must find a new president immediately

The politician Shashi Tharoor defended the ad and called out ‘Hindutva bigots’ for boycotting Tanishq.

5 times Chetan Bhagat brought the house down with his tweets, and got  trolled - The Economic Times
Most people attacking you can’t afford you anyway – says Chetan Bhagat to Tanishq

Author Chetan Bhagat commented about how the people trolling Tanishq couldn’t afford it anyway.

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  1. Kangna has truly list her senses. Its not necessary if u r right in some points then u r always right. Dimagh khrab ho gya hai iss pagal orat ka.

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