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Kangana Ranaut vs Shashi Tharoor – Whom Do You Agree With?

Kangana Ranaut’s latest Twitter controversy is with Congress MP Shashi Tharoor!

Tharoor had tweeted his support behind actor-politician Kamal Haasan’s idea of ‘recognising housework as a salaried profession’.

Kangana Ranaut Bashes Kamal Haasan & Shashi Tharoor For Suggesting  Housework As A Salaried Profession: "Don't Put A Price Tag On S*x We Have  With Our Love...” - PressboltNews
Shashi Tharoor, Kangana Ranaut, Kamal Haasan on ‘Housework and Homemaking’

Tharoor had emphasised that this would help recognise and monetise the services of women homemakers in society. 

Kangana Ranaut: Actress Kangana Ranaut Targets Congress Leader Shashi  Tharoor On His Latest Tweet - कंगना रनौत ने शशि थरूर पर साधा निशाना, बोलीं-  हमारे प्यार पर प्राइस टैग न लगाएं -
Kangana opposes Tharoor; Tharoor offers befitting reply

However, the Queen actress immediately hit reply with a rebuttal – arguing that housewives ‘don’t need salary for being the Queens of their own little kingdom’!

Shashi Tharoor eloquently replied to Ranaut’s criticism by illustrating that the point at hand was – ‘recognising the value of unpaid work and also ensuring a basic income to every woman’. 

“I’d like all Indian women to be as empowered as you,” Tharoor told Kangana.

Whom do you agree with? Let us know in the comments.

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