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Amitabh Bachchan Undergoes Eye Surgery!

The megastar Amitabh Bachchan recently left fans feeling alarmed after his latest blog post talked about him having to undergo a surgery.

“Medical condition……can’t write” – Big B had given an update on his health.

As per a Bollywood Hungama report, a source revealed what the surgery was for – “It was nothing. Just laser eye surgery for the removal of a cataract. He was in and out of OT in no time at all. He will be home in the next 24 hours.”

The superstar made another entry on Monday, sharing an update about his health condition.

Here’s what he wrote –

“.. thank you for all the concern and the wishes for the medical condition .. 

.. eye surgeries at this age are delicate and need precision handling .. the best is being done and one hopes all shall be well .. the sight and the recovery is slow and difficult so if there are typing errors they are to be excused .. right now I feel like Gary Sobers , the West Indian great and his narration of a cricket story which apparently he went through .. the details of which shall be given in time .. its a story heard whether or not it is authentic is questionable .. 

.. well .. why wait shall give it now ..

.. at a cricket match with a strong opponent WI was not in a very good position and looked to loose the game .. Gary Sobers sitting in the dressing room and seeing the eventual, opened up his bottle of rum and had a few .. when his turn to bat came he went out and scored his fastest hundred .. when asked how did he do it .. he said when I went out I was seeing three balls .. I was hitting the middle one  .. !!!!

My eye condition is somewhat similar .. I am seeing three letters for each word and hitting the middle button .. 🤣

My love to all .. progress is slow .. and there is yet anther eye to go .. so its a long haul .. hoping of course that it all gets well in time for my schedule which begins in a few .. the new film with Vikas Bahl, tentatively titled ‘GoodBye’ ..

Some of the stills from the look test were put up .. but they are just a test , nothing has been finalised ..

Its an emotional moment for me to receive the concern and wishes from all the Ef and the friends around .. I never expect it .. and when it comes its overwhelming .. thank you .. deeply touched .. 🙏🌹

What would I ever do without the love and affection I get from this grateful caring and loving family ..

The day passes with nothing to do ..cannot read cannot write .. cannot see .. so just sitting there in oblivion .. eyes shut most of the time and attempted listening to music, which is not a very convincing pastime .. unless of course it is being created .. but that too is ‘out of bounds’ for the moment .. 

.. and you think then and wonder and imagine all the wonders of the World .. how and when and how much did all this happen .. the Universe the beings the complicated forms and their existence .. who made them, and why in this shape and condition and the genius of the Maker , if there is that Unknown Force , which created all this around us ..

.. on little procedure on the human form and it drives you to think how did all this become a living reality .. this complicated system , this billions of nerves and forms into each living .. how .. HOW ?

.. and in the end the resignation .. much like the billion others that have attempted through time and learning and come to naught .. 

.. so you think might as well give it all up .. and just accept the conditions and exist to the best .. do the best that can be done not just for yourself but the others as well .. assisting just one to live well or live without fear without want .. just one .. 

.. that smile on the face of them when they get .. they get it perhaps just that once .. we get it almost every other moment .. how does comparison work for others .. how does it work for us .. why some less , why some more .. they with less, how do they wonder why them .. what goes within to see another with more .. the wonder in that innocence .. the disparity .. the absence of equality ..

.. AND .. we comfort ourselves with the thought and mind that this is how the Maker wanted it .. but what was His criterion .. why this to one and why this to another .. 

.. and we search .. and live in seclusion in meditation .. in the solace of the forests and deserts and mountains and the deep oceans .. in trying to get that salvation .. the answers .. 

.. and do we .. ?

Existence is mercilessly a complication .. an unresolved equation ..

We hope he makes a speedy recovery! Last seen in Shoojit Sircar’s Gulabo Sitabo, Amitabh Bachchan’s upcoming projects include mystery thriller Chehre and Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra and Mayday.

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